Romania is a country full of natural beauty, and touring these picturesque places by motorbike is an amazing experience. Here are 15 places I’ve personally visited on a motorcycle and highly recommend:

Transfăgărăşan – one of the most spectacular roads in Romania, with an impressive panorama of the Făgăraş mountain range.
Cheile Nerei – Famous canyoning area with clear waters and colorful fish.
Danube Delta – a unique place with impressive biodiversity where you can spot egrets, swallows and even dolphins.
Red Lake – A vibrant red volcanic lake with stunning views.
Padiş – mountainous area with stunning views of the Apuseni Mountains.
Bran Castle – a famous castle known as “Dracula’s Castle”.
Bear Cave – A cave with the remains of a cave bear.
Banat Village Museum – A curated village museum to see houses and traditional objects of Banat.

Sighisoara – Medieval city where Vlad the Impaler was born.
Bigar Waterfall – A unique waterfall flowing through a spruce forest.
Salt Water Cave – A cave with various crystal and stalagmite formations.
Fort Alba Carolina – An 18th-century Austrian fortification that defended the eastern frontier of the Austrian Empire.
Bigăr Waterfall – Unique waterfall with water flowing through thin strands, like strands of hair.
Salina Turda – An abandoned salt mine turned into an underground museum.
Piatra Craiului – Mountain area with spectacular hiking trails.

Enduro is a sport that requires 50% of your mind to find the best way to win and 50% of your body to master the engine. You’ll also need patience, ambition, and inner strength to keep going and push boundaries. In short, one must always be open to evolution. Enduro is a constant challenge of mind and body that will improve your reflexes and prepare you for the unexpected, but those who are just starting out on this path need to know that it takes patience, a lot of training, and a significant investment of time and effort. Enduro racing requires learning to “listen” to the sound of an engine for off-road use, and this process takes time and dedication.

endurance race
Mainly used for driving on rough terrain. They fall into two categories: cross and hard-enduro. Cross-class vehicles are not equipped with electrical components such as headlights and signal lights, and are not allowed to drive on public roads. Despite having the same displacement as the hard enduro models, they differ significantly in performance, with motocross bikes having faster acceleration but not as much torque as enduro bikes. Both motocross and hard enduro bikes are recognizable by their tall silhouette, high ground clearance, larger front wheel and knobby tires.

endurance race
Also known as soft enduro or dual-sport, these bikes are a mix of touring and enduro bikes. They are suitable for rough terrain and roads.
By law this is not allowed because on public roads there are a lot of cars passing by and it is very difficult for you to keep your balance and you are in danger of falling.

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